Art Director. With an experience of creation 360° campaigns from concept to final execution.

For me the idea always comes first, but as much as I care about how it solves the brief and answers client’s goals, I care about quality of execution. As a former designer It is something that I perceive as extremely important part.

Dmitry Arkatov

This combined with digital experience, IT education, passion for technology and advertising makes me love what i’m doing and leads me to the newer better goals.

I’m now and always looking forward to joining a team of people who give a thing about what their doing. I don’t want to work from 9a.m till 6p.m, I want to change the world and make something that really matters.

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I digital things, ui/ux things, graphic design things and sometimes I make things for the programming.

For the last year and a half was focusing more on digital expertise, while working at one of the most progressive independent agencies FIRMA®.

Dmitry Arkatov

I worked on brands like Beeline, Lipton, Velle, Synergy, PSBank, Healthy Farm and etc.

I participated in a variety of creative tenders for Nike, Bonduelle, Borjomi, Cinzano, Listerine, O.B., Shark Tooth, Capitan Morgan, Bite, Tinkoff, Home Credit Bank and YOTA.

I often use

Keynote Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Sketch Quartz Composer After Effects Cinema 4D Audition

Skills in Front-end
and Back-end Development

I made this site completely

Arduino AWS Ubuntu Nginx PHP Git Laravel Grunt Java Script jQuery Backbone HTML Less CSS

Please write me a note if there's any projects you think I could be a part of.

If you’re a designer, front-end/back-end developer or translator and you find my projects interesting, please write me at mail@dmitryarkatov.com

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Art Direction
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